What To Expect

Since pets can’t vocalize how they feel, illness or disease may be present before you are aware of symptoms. Early detection allows time for steps to be taken to manage or correct a problem before irreversible damage occurs. We recommend annual check-ups for your pet’s health and wellness.

Annual Vet Check-Up

This includes a complete physical exam where our care team will assess your pet from head to tail. Teeth and gums will be also assessed for cleaning and oral health. In your search for a veterinary facility, we believe you should expect high-quality care and excellent service.

Our goal has been to assemble a veterinary health care team committed to providing exceptional client service and veterinary health care.

If you are a new customer

Please provide your pet’s medical history, including any recent behavioural changes or other details that you think will be important.

Emergencies & Urgent Care

We offer emergency vet services for cats and dogs in desperate need of life-saving medical attention. Our clinic typically has an emergency vet staff on-call in case of dire situations.

Urgent care and other not life-threatening procedures can be handled on short notice.

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