Dr. Cesar Rodriguez, DVM

Dr. César Rodríguez, DVM

Dr. César is a Veterinarian and Zootechnic with experience in Clinical Pathology and a Master of Science Degree in Neurology. As a Zootechnic, he has experience with the science of maintaining and improving breeding, genetics, nutrition and housing for domesticated animals. With more than 20 years experience working with small animals, he has participated in helping write 13 scientific articles about the central nervous system. For his work at the Autonomous National University of México, he was honourably mentioned for the positive impact of his scientific research.

“Surgery is a passion of mine; each patient is a challenge, a responsibility and satisfaction – a puzzle to solve to make sure they live their best and healthy life.”

Dr. César has adopted many pets over the years, all rescues. Nube, Timbal, Tom Tom, Jazz, Gigio, Jack, Cursor, Kitty, Xipancna, Güero and Matias y Ergos are and have been part of his family. He enjoys landscapes; the sky, wind, stars and the colors of the sunsets. He spends his off-time with his family; hiking, taking photos, biking and swimming. He is new to Englehart and is looking forward to getting involved in the community.