Microchip Implantation

A microchip is a rice sized identification chip that is placed in between your pets should blades. Each chip has its own unique identifying number. If your pet were to ever go missing, a quick scan of the chip by animal control, SPCA, or veterinarian will reunite you with your beloved pet.

Most pets don’t seem to notice any more than any other injection. Once the chip is in place, it should be there for the life of the pet, and we will register your microchip to ensure your contact information is associated with the bar code number.

If the pet becomes lost, all animal care facilities (shelters, veterinary hospitals, pounds, etc) will scan the pet for a microchip, using a special microchip reader that is simply waved over the skin. These scanners are very reliable and easy to use. 


Adding a tattoo to your pets ear is a unique way to identify your pet if it were to ever go missing. Tattoo’s are done at the time of your pets spay/neuter surgery while under anesthetic.

What you would like as a tattoo for your pet is entirely up to you. If you are interested, please speak to a member of our technician team to discuss your options.

We look forward to seeing you!